Texian Illiad

Ever since Blue Moon Manufacturing announced they would produce a 15/18mm Texas War of Independence range, I been looking forward to collecting figures for a 1:1 assault on the Alamo. Many will remember the old Marx Alamo set featuring a tin mission and blue plastic Mexicans and tan plastic Texians to fight over it. I received my set at Christmas some time in the early 1970s and hours of enjoyment were spent in having toy Mexicans try and climb their assault ladders  in hopes of overwhelming Bowie, Crockett,  Travis and the stalwart defenders. Over my many years of wargaming since  childhood, I have kicked around the idea of doing a proper Alamo, but selection of figures was either limited or too expensive. Once Imex released a set of 1/72 plastic Alamo defenders and these were not bad figures, but then followed up with abysmal Mexicans. Now Blue Moon has filled the gap with a new and extensive range  and here I will chronicle my efforts in gathering together and painting the garrison and the Mexican assault columns, along with the mission itself. I will also look at rulesets and books covering the Texas Revolution.


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