Soldados Advancing

Here is another pack of Blue Moon Mexican infantry that I received. The contents of the bag are 30 soldados advancing in five poses. Image


The five poses have two men with nearly leveled muskets and three with muskets at a 45 degree angle. Uniforms are consistent with the reference material I have consulted. The appear to have 1833 single-breasted coats and shakos without cords and with lace around the upper part of the crown. The shako plate is visible along with a pompon. It’s hard to see if the cockade is sculpted beneath the pompon, but only the truly insane will  try and paint a tiny tri-color cockade on 1200 Mexicans!!!.

All the soldados wear sandals and have rolled-up trousers. The sandals are more than likely correct as the Mexicans had a long overland march which would have worn out many of their issue brogans. The Mexican Army was also painfully short of such basic items. A decade later, just prior to the Mexican-American war, the 24000-man army had an inventory of only about 6000 shoes.

As far as equipment goes, the figures have stripped-down for the final assaul. No packs are worn or water gourds carried. Only the cross-belts with cartridge box on the right and bayonet scabbard on the left are carried. At first look I thought “wouldn’t” everyone carry something for water”, but of course attacking in silence at night men may have left these behind to avoid any tell-tale sloshing or rattling against other equipment.


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