Painted Fusileros Advancing

These are the five poses from Blue Moon’s Mexican Infantry Advancing painted up as Fusileros from a Permanente battalion. These are wearing the regulation dress except they lack brogans and wear sandals instead. Coats are the 1833 pattern dark blue with red facings and epaulettes. These should have red piping along the front of the coat and around the pocket-flaps on the coat-tails, but all my brushes are fairly worn and I need to buy a newer, more pointed brush to finish the fine lines. I’m distinguishing my Permante battalions with uniform medium blue trousers with red stripe. Later, when I paint some as Activo companies, I’ll paint the trousers a mix of white and grey. When the troops are wearing sandals the trousers are shown rolled-up with the inside showing white. I painted the rolled cuff very light grey under the assumption that the white would not stay white for very long in the field. Belts and rifle-sling are white and the cartridge box black without badges.  Shakos are black felt or leather with a black visor. Chin-scales, shako plate, and lace are brass, but I have found some sources that indicate yellow lace. These very same sources show brass in the accompanying color plates!


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