Mexican Infantry Skirmishing

To add to my ongoing review of Blue Moon’s Texas War for Indenpendence range, I have inked the Mexican Infantry Skirmishing pack and mounted them on washers. A very nice set, I must say, with 30 figures in 9 different poses. These are uniformed and equipped exactly as the previous Mexican infantry sets so I refer you to those posts for the specifics. This set really reminds me of the original plastic Marx set in some respects, especially the soldiers clubbing or bashing with the butts of their muskets. They leave the impression of troops who have finally managed to break into the mission and are engaged in fierce hand-to-hand fighting. Two poses appear to be either standing on the parapet and firing down into the courtyard, or are giving the ‘coup de gras’ to Texian wounded. As previously mentioned, two Soldados are using their musket-butts, one appears to be parrying with his musket, while the remaining four are charging with leveled bayonets.

This one must-have set.



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