Texians Skirmishing


A few of the firing line poses. A typical mix of clothing and hats. The man in the center has a ‘whaler’-style cap and a tailed ‘uniform’ coat.


Some Texians with rifles. The two men clubbing with their rifles remind me of the old Marx playset figures. Here four of the five wear frock coats while the fifth wears a roundabout.


Two men with shotguns. The guy on the left is another example of the ‘whaler’ cap. I paint these as black sealskin.


Fighting poses. The man on the left is firing a pistol and brandishing a knife in his other hand. He makes a nice leader figure. Second from left has no firearm, but wears a powder-horn so must have discarded his weapon in the heat of the moment.


The fighting poses from the rear to show typical equipment.


More firing and loading figures.

Next up in the continuing saga of the Texas War for Independence project, is Blue Moon’s set 15TRT-101 ‘Texians Skirmishing’. This set, like most of Blue Moon’s infantry sets, consists of thirty figures in various action poses. Most figures are unique, but this pack did include two or three duplicate poses. All the poses are nice and can be basically divided between men firing and loading rifles and muskets and men engaged in hand-to-hand combat. About half the set have Kentucky rifles, the majority of the rest are armed with muskets, though two have shotguns, one has a flintlock pistol, and one man is only armed with a hatchet. In the case of fighting poses, a few are clubbing with their rifles, two or three are charging with hatchets, and two poses are fighting with drawn Bowie knives. The fighting poses give a nice last stand at the Alamo or final few minutes of San Jacinto feel. 


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