Blue Moon New Orleans Greys.

On October 13th, 1835, Adolphus Sterne, a New Orleans businessman that backed the Texian cause, financed the formation of two companies of volunteers for service in Texas. The first company was of 54 men commanded by Thomas H. Breece, while the second company was of 68 men under Robert C. Morris. Elements of the Greys would fight at the Siege of Bexar, the Alamo, Coleto Creek, and San Jacinto. Around twenty-four New Orleans Greys would fall at the Alamo. Most were in a company initially commanded by Captain John  J. Baugh, until Baugh was made the garrison adjutant when the company was given to recently promoted Captain William Blazeby. 


The officers sword does not appear to have molded properly, but conveniently the USN in the 1830’s had ‘boarding swords’ that were shorter than standard officer’s swords and maybe this chap has obtained one.


I gave some figures trousers that were other than gray to show the result of months of hard campaigning.

The Blue Moon set consists of 15 figures: 1 officer, 1 bugler, 1 NCO, and 12 soldiers. Two sets will be enough to use for the Greys left at the Alamo. I painted the figures following the plate in Marshall’s “Uniforms of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution”. My only change was to give the figures black collars and shoulder straps instead of the laced versions in the plate.ImageImageImageImageImage


One thought on “Blue Moon New Orleans Greys.

  1. Love the Greys. I plan on picking up some myself and doing a bit of “what if” along their march. Your versions look darn good! I hope you keep posting more entries on your blog!

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