Blue Moon Texian Artillery

An important part of the Alamo’s defenses was provided by several cannon emplaced at various points along the mission’s walls and various strong-points, The original  garrison artillery company was of fifty-six men commanded by Captain William R. Carey. Carey’s company had served under Colonel Neil during the Siege of Bexar. Other artillery companies under Captains Robert Evans and Almaron Dickenson were also noted to have been at the Alamo, but it seems that Carey’s fifty-six men may have been split between the three captains due to the distance between gun positions at the Alamo. Dickenson’s guns were positioned on and around the Chapel, I suspect that Carey commanded the guns on the north wall, leaving Evans will the west wall and possibly the main gate. 

Pack 15TRT-104 contains 12 gunners in 12 poses. The poses are nice and in typical actions related to gunnery. Two have linstocks, two with sponge/rammer, three with trail-spikes,  two hefting round-shot, one giving orders, and a final man cheering and waving his hat (maybe he’s yelling ‘fire’)

I neglected to ink and photograph these prior to painting, but, as with all the Blue Moon figures I have so far from various ranges, the figures are nicely sculpted, well detailed, and with minimal flash. I rarely have to do more than cut off a small lump off the bottom of the base (something about 99% of all metal figures seem to have) and sometimes file away a seam, but rarely more than that. This makes painting prep very brief and it there is one thing I find tedious, is the endless cleaning of figures.  ImageImageImage


2 thoughts on “Blue Moon Texian Artillery

  1. You’ve done a good job giving organization and deploy of the artillery group. Do you have any idea of where men were deployed and their organization? We all know that Crockett was deployed with his men at the pallisade wall. But what about the others? Where were the Grays deployed, etc?

    • I’m still searching for information on how the companies were deployed inside the mission. I have been able to find good information on the various companies and who commanded them, plus partial rosters showing which men were assigned to which company, but some mystery remains when several names of defenders appear that are not listed with a company. I think at least some of these men were sick or wounded from the siege and battle of Bexar, I’m planning on future posts listing the company rosters and whatever else info I can find.

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