Blue Moon Texian Guns

The Alamo garrison’s heavy fire power was provided by several pieces of ordnance either captured from the Mexicans at the fall of Bexar, or brought to the mission by volunteers. According to Colonel Neil, the initial commander of the garrison, the Alamo had twenty-four guns. Before the arrival of Santa Anna’s army three of the guns were sent to reinforce Dimmitt at Goliad, and three cannon were left lying in the mission yard without carriages, leaving eighteen pieces to be deployed in defense of the Alamo. According to the most up-to-date research, these eighteen pieces were of the following weights: one iron 18 pounder, one iron 16 pounder, one iron 12 pound ‘gunnade’, one 9″ ‘pedrero’, two iron 8 pounders, six 6 pounders (whether iron or bronze not specified), three iron 4 pounders, one brass or bronze 4 pounder, and two 3 pounders.

Blue Moon ‘s ‘Texan Guns’, pack 15TRT-110 includes all the guns necessary to defend the Alamo. In the pack I received there were two extra guns, giving me twenty pieces of ordnance. The guns required little clean-up and were easy to construct.

More Alamo 020

3lb Swivel

More Alamo 018


More Alamo 019




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