Blue Moon Texian Personalities

ImageRecently I received and painted Blue Moon’s Texian set 15TRT-103 Texian Personalities. The set contains five figures and one horse. The personalities portrayed in the set are Sam Houston riding Saracen at San Jacinto, William Travis, David Crockett, Jim Bowie on his sick-bed, and a figure that might be Bowie at Concepcion(?). Everything looks good as far as appearance is concerned, with the minor exception that Travis should be armed with a shotgun, instead of the musket he has been given here. This is no big deal at such a small scale. Sam Houston is shown in frock coat, breeches, riding boots, and is wearing his hat cocked in the fashion of an 18th century patriot, William Travis, a notorious dandy, gallant, and a ladies man,  wears a tailcoat, boots, breeches, and planter’s hat.  Crockett is dressed as per Walt Disney in a coonskin cap and buckskins, though in reality he preferred the typical gentleman’s clothes of the 1830’s. I myself like the traditional image of Crockett as a frontiersman, and I think he may have purposely dressed in this fashion during the Alamo siege for the purpose of playing up his image as a “larger than life” character. Jim Bowie is here in his final moments, discharging a flintlock pistol in his left hand while holding his iconic knife in his right. The bed is a simple wooden cot and he is half covered with a blanket. I like this figure a lot, The final figure, possibly another figure of Bowie or perhaps another famous Texian (Burleson?, Fannin? Milam?, is cradling a musket in his arm and dressed in a shell-jacket, trousers, and slouch-hat.  Since really there is little evidence in regards to what any of these characters were actually wearing during the war, I painted them in the typical colors of the period. Houston’s horse Saracen was illustrated as white.



More Alamo 006More Alamo 007More Alamo 008More Alamo 009More Alamo 010More Alamo 012More Alamo 011bowie 001bowie 002ALAMO GUNS 020ALAMO GUNS 025ALAMO GUNS 023ALAMO GUNS 026ALAMO GUNS 027ALAMO GUNS 028ALAMO GUNS 029


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